Pet portraits

LOVE IS A 4-legged word!  

Let Noelle Bell Photography take the time to capture your family's treasured companion and friend.  

We are a mix of outdoor and studio portraits.  We take the time to talk through and tailor your session with you and your pet so that it brings about the end result that you desire.  Pet portraits are a different animal, pun intended, from portraits of people.  Sometime less or more time is needed and there are often certain considerations to be met.  Here at Noelle Bell Photography we want to make sure your experience is truly perfect for your pet. 

We may need to come to your home or we may need to do it at a certain time in the day. It may only need to last 10 minutes, while others may take 35 minutes for that perfect capture.  Allow us to guide you through the process and steps we take to capture your family's furry friend.

Contact us today using the form below and we will set up a consultation via phone or in person.  We look forward to connecting with you and your furry friends.


Do you want an indoor portrait of your pet?  

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All of these questions are important and will be discussed in our consultation session.